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UN Civil Society Conference 2024 as a benchmark for community Networks

The Conference demonstrated a united front in AI, Cybertech, digital governance & Community Networks. Tech partners were part of the 2,750 CSOs at the event. Kijiji Yeetu Internet Society, Kenya Internet Society and tech partners toiled through matters of digital divide, and strategic use of cutting-edge technologies.

  1. Championing AI and Cybertech solutions are pivotal, focusing on practical applications for data-driven insights in community development and enhanced connectivity. Emphasis on inclusive AI frameworks and cybersecurity ensured benefits reached all.
  2. Empowering Through Digital Governance emerged as a vital enabler, leveraging platforms for transparent governance and participatory decision-making. Advocacy for robust frameworks aimed to empower individuals and communities in digital life control.
  3. Bridging the Divide with Community Networks played a crucial role in providing affordable, secure connectivity through grassroots initiatives.

Summit of the Future will be collaborative efforts focusing on tangible outcomes and impact. Impact Coalitions will play a role in showcasing collective action in driving meaningful change, from policy to ground interventions.

The actionable matters include:

  1. Advocating for funding support for infrastructure and deploying Community Networks in the last mile ecosystem, promoting ownership, respect environmental sustainability, training, and future work prospects.
  2. Implementing AI-Powered Resource models to optimize the distribution of essential services using real-time data insights, thereby enhancing efficiency.
  3. Establishing Digital Governance programs aimed at empowering civil society and citizens with accountability practices.
  4. Conducting intensive Digital Literacy Capacity Building programs to equip citizens with skills for meaningful engagement in the digital economy.
  5. Supporting Cybersecurity Awareness initiatives to facilitate safe navigation in the digital realm.

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