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About Us

We are a non-profit organization founded in 2011 to empower underserved Kenyan communities by providing digital skills, improving internet access, and promoting sustainable development through partnerships and innovative projects.

About Kijiji Yeetu

Activating Sustainable Development

In 2023, Kijiji Yeetu carried out extensive techno-feasibility studies and ICT gap assessments in Ugunja, Siaya County, revealing significant internet connectivity gaps and low digital literacy levels. Our response was swift and effective, bringing low-cost internet to five schools—Sirandumb, Ambira, Ngunya, Ugunja, and Nyamasare—a community resource center, and several public hotspots. This initiative has empowered the local community, creating unprecedented opportunities for learning and development.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is activating smart villages, connecting the unconnected, and bridging the digital divide in Ugunja.

Strengthening Ties with Village Units and Leaders

We have launched a smart village in Ugunja Village, Siaya County, to drive digital transformation and community empowerment. Villagers collaborate with the Village Administrator to oversee governance, coordinate participation, and monitor policy implementation, supported by an established village council.

Our villlage-centered approach

Our Model is Centered on Villages

Many organizations in our villages do not see digital technology, research, documentation, and learning practices as important paths forward.

  • Vision

    To build future generations of young people, women, and their families through smart villages in Kenyan counties and beyond Africa.

  • Mission

    To drive village development, education, human security, technological innovation, and economic growth in communities across Kenya's 47 counties through strong community networks, digital transformation, and informed dialogue.

Our Focal Areas

Our Approach to Sustainable Development

We empower change in rural communities through three key strategies: digital transformation and innovation, multi-stakeholder dialogue, and communities of practice. By introducing new technologies, fostering inclusive discussions, and supporting continuous learning, we help enhance productivity, collaboration, and sustainable development in these areas.

Digital Transformation

We leverage information and communication technologies (ICT) to create sustainable development solutions.

Multistakeholder Dialogue

We inspire conversations, experiences, stories, indigenous knowledge, and storytelling while celebrating local culture.

Communities of Practice

We train net wardens, smart village champions, and grassroots engineers to boost digital connectivity.

Our Impact Data Scenarios

Our projects have been diverse and impactful. The Internet Society supported our Digital Smart Village project, engaging 300 youth across Bungoma, Kibera, and Ugunja for six months. This initiative provided essential technology skills and internet access, opening new pathways for these young people. The Tor Project facilitated three significant meetings in Kibera, Mathare, and Ugunja, reaching 400 women, youth, and persons with disabilities (PWD). These sessions emphasized digital security and inclusivity, critical areas in today’s digital age.

UNESCO collaborated with us on consultations regarding social media policies, ensuring that our communities are well-informed and able to navigate the digital landscape safely and effectively. We also work closely with the CivicTech Innovation Network fraternity based in South Africa, focusing on solutions for digitalization and governance.

The 48Percent.org has been instrumental in deploying connectivity solutions for schools and communities, benefiting 10 institutions. Additionally, the Internet Society Foundation, through the Global Encryption Coalition, supports our activities on Global Encryption Day, promoting secure online communications.

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