Kijiji Yeetu: A Model of Change


Kijiji Yeetu is a smart village platform that offers a unique ecosystem for activating our villages’ resources, knowledge, inspiration into viable development opportunities in 47 counties in Kenya, East Africa and beyond the world.

Our Key Focus Areas 


Experiences of innovation, literacy, community participation and knowledge provide a unique opportunity for transforming villages in Kenya.


Discover books, photos, videos or publications that have stories from villages and communities. The world needs more stories — Your stories.


More people build community networks. We need to support the local community and government helped to create change! It takes time and energy to build the community. 

Our Aspirations

Each village (Kijiji) unit under the devolved system of governance is supposed to establish a council. Each council, to be chaired by a village administrator, will oversee projects in villages, The Village councils will be involved in planning of development agendas through participation. These institutions are critical for the formulation and implementation of the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP),” 

Hon. Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o

Governer of Kisumu

Delineation and Establishment of the village units within the counties so as to provide for further decentralization of the functions and provision of services and resources in accordance with  section 48 of the County governments Act, 2012 as well as the realization of the objectives of devolution. 

Constitution Of Kenya

Article 176

Kijiji Yeetu Data Scenarios 

Kijiji Yeetu Stories

These powerful conversations and aspirations amplify community voices as a model for governance, peace and security.

Kijiji Yeetu Ambassadors

These voices are ideas and actions that serve and transform villages and communities in 21st Century

Kijiji Yeetu Projects

These are projects in the village that exhibit outcomes that disrupt village and community development. 

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