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Can Internet Safety Champions be the Pillar of Knowledge exchange, Gender equality, and Digital inclusion

In Kenya, “internet champions,” who can be individuals or organizations, promote and fight for the use of technology and the internet in communities. These “digital champions” have considerably improved knowledge transfer, gender equality, internet governance, and digital inclusion. The advancement of internet governance, gender equality, and information exchange are the goals of a flourishing and active network of digital champions. The government, civic society, academia, and business are just a few of the backgrounds and professions that these champions have come from.

Providing training and assistance to those who are new to utilizing the internet or social media is one way that Internet champions could improved digital inclusion in Kenya. By urging more women and girls to embrace technology and the internet, Internet champions have also contributed to advancing gender equality. This may entail organizing workshops or other activities just for women and girls or partnering with groups that promote the empowerment of women and girls through technology.

One notable example is Kijiji Yeetu, which has a digital champion, Marceline Keya, who has worked to promote digital literacy and access for women and girls in Kibera and Ugunja, both in Kenya. Through the organization, she has trained over 1,000 women in digital skills, including how to use computers, the internet, and mobile devices. She advocated for policies that support gender equality in the digital space and played a key role in shaping internet governance debates in Kenya.

Internet champions work to ensure that online information is courteous and accessible while promoting safe internet usage. They could collaborate with local government officials or community organizations to create internet use regulations or guidelines, or they might promote more accountability and openness in how the internet is governed and regulated.

Internet champions have been essential in facilitating knowledge transfer, developing and delivering educational programs, and offering mentorship to individuals or groups interested in learning more about technology and the internet by sharing their knowledge and skills with others.

Another digital champion, David Oboch, another internet champion, has concentrated on improving digital access and literacy for young people with impairments in Siaya. Over 300 PWDs have received digital skills training from him, and he has worked to create community-based platforms. As a supporter of PWDs’ access to and use of technology in Kenya, he has also argued for policies in support of such rights.

Internet champions in Kenya have made a significant contribution to promoting the use of technology and the internet in their communities. They have helped to enhance digital inclusion, gender equality, internet governance, and knowledge transfer in the country. Through their activities, the Internet champions make sure that each person has the chance to participate in and benefit from the digital economy.


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