Lwala Village, Migori County

#KijijiYeetu #SmartVillage Lwala Village, Migori County.

Their academic promise, Milton and Fred won scholarships to Dartmouth College in the U.S. Their village sold chicken, goats, and cows to pay for airfare to the U.S. with only one request: “Do not forget us.” They later attended Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, began working with their father and home community on the dream of bringing healthcare to their village. Lwala families recently launched innovation hub to train youth on knowledge sharing, talent development and opportunity for #Innovation.

Their work has greatly improved mother-child health outcomes to phenomenal levels. Result has been cutting the death rate of children under 5 by 64%. This means that hundreds of children celebrated their 5th birthday. A decade ago, these are lives that would have been lost… @courtesy Lwala Community Alliance. https://t.co/AsgN2LSTuk