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In Kenya’s rapidly growing medium-income economy, the fast-growing population, and changing demographics present challenges to corruption, terrorism, rural development, and environmental sustainability. The  2010 constitution devolved power to the 47 county governments, 290 sub-counties, and 1450 county assembly wards, but reality after 10 years of implementation have shown that more

Kenyans gives Hope Against Covid-19: Villagers Story

“Kibra COVID19 Response Network “ADOPT A VILLAGE KIBERA INITIATIVE: Citizens’ measures in support of the

Youth, Villages, Participation, and COVID19 in Kenya

This article takes note that Kenya’s population in the 21st century keeps growing, according to

Connecting Scotland and Kenya Smart Village Models

Smart Village Scotland has been convinced that the Smart Village model can unlock the potential

Age of Village Agricultural Entrepreneurs is Here!!

#KijijiYeetu #SmartVillage Karatina Village, Nyeri County. The Village Nut Company: Cultivating Young Agricultural Entrepreneurs in

Nyando Community Seed Bank Steer Change in Jimo Village, Kisumu County

#KijijiYeetu #SmartVillage   Jimo East Village, Kisumu County. Nyando Community Seed Bank in Western Kenya’s Climate-Smart

Model Youth Parliament Transform Change in Kinda Village-Ugunja

#KijijiYeetu #SmartVillage Kinda village, Ugunja, Siaya County. Celebrate Model Ugunja Youth Parliament with youth as members

Sailing Village Bar Of Matondoni, Lamu County

#KijijiYeetu #SmartVillage Matondoni Village, Lamu County. Sailing to different islands such as Manda. The Village is known

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