Digital Transformation

Digital transformation might significantly change Kenyan communities by increasing economic growth and urbanization, alleviating social inequality, and improving people’s lives. Agenda 2063 of African Union, SDGs goals, and Connect 2020 Agenda could be enhanced by the utilization of digital services and technology in towns and villages

Kijiji Yeetu initiatives focuses on social services, climate , security, and gender sectors promoting digital skills, inclusion, security, and innovation through the use of ICT. This will improve digital divide and pathways in the underserved communities. SDGs goals, priorities, and capacities will be improved.

Digitalization Transformation for communities

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and improve livelihood, digital transformation is crucial than ever. Digital technology is a launching pad for socioeconomic development, education, and poverty reduction. Kenya now has more than a million internet users, nearly twice as many as ten years ago.

Kijiji Yeetu programs empower Internet users and engage citizens in development, particularly combat digital divide. The internet access and technology provide knowledge and skills to transform their lives.

Internet Safety Champions and Digital Actions Groups

Investment in community development and technology will result in increased communication and information access tools, quality education, reducing inequality, resilient health, and a healthier environment. Kijiji Yeetu supports internet safety champions and advances network infrastructure, digital literacy, and expertise. Trained youth, women, and people with disabilities in communities and villages may be able to access opportunities in artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and cybersecurity, stimulating growth and livelihood.

Digital Literacy, Security and Rights

Digitalization has the potential to greatly benefit communities and organizations. Technology in digital services affects our engagement, dialogues, and communication. Kijiji Yeetu promotes use of digital education and training, security, user rights, and acceptable technical partnerships. This will help local groups and organizations to improve their digital literacy skills. The internet safety champions and digital action groups conduct trainings on digital economy, development, and public participation. 


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Digital Tech for Social Change