Champions & Change-makers

Our Champions & Change-makers

Kijiji Yeetu amplifies the experiences of the community persons and movements in Kenya, East Africa and takes little steps to change to solve a social problem in their villages. Changemakers are rarely recognized in their work, stories, and writings whether as community organizers, social entrepreneurs, searching innovators, informal business leaders, and activists.


Kijiji Yeetu is a model that takes note of the little steps made in projects, organizations, or ideas constructed from the sideways of classrooms, dark alleys of homes, footpaths, open spaces into recognizable community action. This is the village unit movements needed for devolution in the 21st century. The changemakers are part of the energies put into interactive conversations, local chat talks, market outreaches and training found in local grassroots movements in Kenya. In the new age, the movements need to adopt smart villages model with changemakers being key drivers to this sustainable landscape, use of digital and social media tools to spark the fire of solidarity and freedoms.

Tatiana Woodby

Head of Finance

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A smart village is a holistic and inclusive approach for rural digital transformation towards achieving the SDGs in remote and underserved communities where