Fauzia N.

Fauzia N.

Refugees & Asylum Rights Ph.D Mediation and Conflict Resolution .C.


Passionate Legal consultant with experience in Human and Migrants’ Rights with special interest to Refugees; Children ,Women, and other persons of concern.
Seeking to increase advocacy and awareness as well as formulating best strategies and Policies governing Conflict migration, while reflecting humanitarian law and international Law.

Major experience lies in strategizing and leading cross functional teams to cause fundamental and positive change in building Policy and Durable sulutions-both as a leader and expert consultant.

Fluent in English & Luganda.

Physical Address

Bishop Magua, 4th Floor
Ngong Road
Nairobi, Kenya



Email: info@Kijijiyeetu.co.ke
Phone: +254(0) 720975498
Website: www.kijijiyeetu.co.ke 


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