Programme Specialist at World Food Programme


Emile Uwezowamungu, Civil engineer, has been an emerging and famous business consultant in Burundi that the country has known nowadays. He began his entrepreneurship activities while teenager. At only 22 years old and yet again student, he created his own company CASTEC Construction that he is now the chairman. He realized that the best way to create more jobs for young people is to involve them in entrepreneurship programs. He is Founder of Young Entrepreneurs’ Park (PARJE) and Innova Group Burundi providing Program and Business Support Services. According to him «The Entrepreneurship is so difficult but possible, the Secret for success is to work hard and strategically ».

Today , I am a Project and Business Consultant in terms of training, coaching, Studies, Research and designing curruculums, models and related-approaches.

Following this time, I am well committed to support people in Assets Creation activities to grow successfully. So I am Interested to extend my commitment to young people and women by inspiring them for partnership and colloboration in Assets Creation and Livelihoods.

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